there's tons of music from bands and artists that comes to radio free exile from all over, there's great talent out there that few people get to listen to and hear about, which is sad and kind of silly actually, so every now and then an artist is featured here.  check 'em out, get to know them, listen to the music, get in touch, do all those things you do when you like what you hear.



Proving that love is more inspiring than hate, award-winning country star Eileen Carey has countered recent terrorist attacks, racial violence, and global turmoil with “In the Air,” her feel-good ode to the City of Love, Paris, France. Credited by music blog Country Music, ATK with “blending pop, country, and rock in a way that feels uniquely hers,” Carey was recently named the 2016 National Radio Hits Favorite Female Country Artist of the Year and New Music Weekly’s Country Breakthrough Artist of the Year. “In the Air” features champagne, limousines, movie stars, and, of course, love. "In the Air" is the first single from Carey’s fifth studio album, produced by Travis Allen Childress.




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