In 1977 I came to Los Angeles, with dreams of being a pop star. That dream didn't come true. But that wasn't the end. I found a new dream, stand up comedy. I may not be the most famous comic or the richest but I've been able to make a living at it since I quit my day job in 1997. I love doing it. And I have great fans. And I never get tired of hanging out with the comics who have become my friends over the years. I remain very proud of the music I created, but I know I made the right choice. Sometimes you might have to give up on a dream, but that doesn't mean you stop dreaming.

Deciding to become a comedian, is one thing, making it happen is something else. It takes a lot of work and investment of time and money. There are comedy classes, acting classes, learning how to construct a joke, how to command the stage, how to deal with hecklers, how to remain poised when your jokes aren't working. No matter how much natural talent you have, it will take time to get good at it, so you have to be thick skinned. You have to be able to bomb on stage and show up the next night completely confident. You can always learn from a bad night, but you can't obsess about it. It has to roll off your back. You have to find the open mikes and drive all over town to get some stage time and patiently wait for hours to get three minutes of stage time. And sometimes you will wait around only to find out you're not going up. You have to be incredibly patient, tough minded, confident, and be able to handle frustration and disappointment.. There are a lot of talented people who have tried comedy and quit because they couldn't handle the frustrations that come with it. 

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While I was running around town to open mics. I met a lot of aspiring young comics, many of whom became good friends. Some of the black comics invited me to come out to the clubs in the black community. Though I was reluctant at first, I did eventually decide to give it a try, a decision that changed my life. I was welcomed with open arms and soon became a regular performer at those clubs. To this day I am best known as "the white guy who does the black clubs" and most of my fans are black. I cannot express how much I appreciate the support I have received from those fans and the encouragement I got from the black comics who have become my friends.

This year marks 32 years since I began my journey as a stand up comic. I have appeared on national TV shows including BET's Comic View, HBO's Def Jam, Martin Lawrence's 1st Amendment Comedy, Show Time At The Apollo, White Boyz In Da Hood, which I helped create and wrote and recorded the theme song for and many others. I have appeared in movies like The Wash, Foolish, Major Deal and Heaven On Seven. I have traveled all over the US headlining comedy shows. I have also traveled the world performing for the US military. I look forward to the day when Covid19 is under control and I can get back out on the road and share the gift of laughter with my fans

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