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Do You want your own 15 minute show
here on radio free exile?
Here's how...

Dear Artist,
     Of course you want your music heard and your story told.  And presenting original indie releases is what radio free exile is all about.  So let's work together.

      Spotlight On Songwriters features your music and your words. The format is pretty simple, there is an introduction, one of your songs, a portion where you get to speak for a few minutes, and another song, and that's it.   Listeners hear your music and hear from you. This program will be inserted into the rotation, and as a podcast here,  and won't affect how often your music is regularly played.  It's a little something extra.

     So, what do you do? First, think of all the things you would want to say in an interview.  Actually, think about it as interviewing yourself.  Talk about yourself.  Talk about your songs, musical influences, writing process, recording situations, goals, achievements, that kind of thing.  Don't forget to mention where you're from, if you have product for sale, links to your websites, places to download your music.  If you want to talk about your favorite meal, or what you had for dessert, that's fine.  Whatever.  Have fun with it. The point is to have listeners get to know you. If you have particular songs you want played, let me know, if I have them I'll use them.  If I don't, I'll ask for them.

     Second, record it.  Figure about 15 minutes total.  That means if your songs are each 4 minutes long you get about 7 minutes to speak.  When you're happy with what you want to say, email it to me.  Send an mp3 as an attachment.  I'll assemble everything, the intro, your part, and your songs.  

     I'll let you know when your show is going to be in rotation.  The Spotlight On Songwriters segment runs 4-5 times a day in rotation.  It will also be featured on the radio free exile website with your photo (yep, you've got to send a photo in .jpg format), and promoted via social media and my mailing lists, and in this podcast.  

     That's it.  Like I said, it's a pretty simple way for you to do some self promotion, and to have listeners get to know you.  If you have questions feel free to email me.

     So, while you're mulling this over, go ahead and listen for a while.

                                                                                           ~ exileguy@gmail.com


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